Meals:  14,680

Pantry: 240 households
School Supplies:  24
 Showers:  579
 Homeless Services:   639
 Commodities Households: 633
Volunteers & Community Service:  91
Volunteer hours:  7,591 hours 
Community Service Hours: 1257

Projects to Support Central Ave Center of Hope      
How You HELP

Donations of food, money, clothing, furniture, and miscellaneous thrift store items, travel-sized soaps, shampoos,  deoderant, tooth paste, toothbrushes, combs, used candles, and 5-6 ounce cans (such as tuna orcat food cans) and lighters are always needed.

Annual Holiday Dinners, Christmas Party, and Christmas Store -  November - December

Each year the Center, several schools, and other community organizations through great effort give a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Dinner and family party for clients with gifts for all ages, and a Christmas Store with new or gently used toys and gifts appropriate for teens that a parent or grandparent can select for free to give their child. 

Perhaps you have a group that can donate turkeys, hams, pies, or other types of food for the dinners.  We need many new and gently used toys, books appropriate for children and teens. Children need warm coats, mittens, hoodies and other clothing.  Homeless adults need gloves, hats, scarves, socks, and underwear sized medium, lighters, . Also needed are bottled water, snacks, candy, toothbrushes and tooth paste, soap, deoderant.

Feel free to call Marsha at CACH at 913-233-2511 for a need that your group can focus on for the holiday celebrations.  You can help change this time of the year from the saddest time for those who have great need to time of joy.

Annual Jeans Drive - August 15- September 30

We have a very great need for clean, gently used jeans, shorts, children's pants, and women's and girl's slacks for our neighbors in Fall and Winter. 

Please clean out your closets and bring your gently used jeans and slacks to the Center during the hours of 9 AM and 2 PM Monday through Friday.  If possible, please mark the size on masking tape inside the waist band if the tag is gone.  These jeans are for a communitydistribution and sale in October.

Annual Paper Products Drive  - June 1-July 30

The annual amount spent on foam plates, cups, bowls, paper napkins, paper towells,  and toilet tissue for use in the Center takes a large chunk of out budget.  This year's First Annual Paper Products Drive produced enough items for approximately 6 months needs.  We would welcome groups or individuals to help us take these needed products completely out of our budget.

Central Ave Center of Hope accepts the 2012 Feinstein $1 Million Challenge to Feed the Hungry Mar 1 – April 30

Each year the Feinstein Foundation divides $1 million among various organizations that accept Allen Shawn Feinstein’s challenge to feed the hungry in America. He divides $1 million among the charities that actively raise food and money for the hungry.  Central Avenue Center of Hope seeks to alleviate hunger all year long, and is joining in this effort. Each can or pound of food counts $1 toward total donations to determine our percentage of Mr. Feinstein's donation. From March 1 - April 30, please answer the challenge and bring your donations of non-perishable foods or cash donation to Central Avenue Center of Hope),  11 North 15th Street, Kansas City, KS from 9AM-2 PM Monday-Friday.  Phone 913-233-2511.  

Cash donations are especially helpful for periods when food stock is low.  You can mail a donation to Pamela Mathena, Treasurer, CACH;  Midlands Mission Center;  7615 N. Platte Purchase DR; Kansas City, MO 64118.

Or visit our website at and use your Pay Pal account or a credit card donation . 

If you would like to pledge a monthly donation, I encourage you to visit our website to see the details for Faithful Fifty.  Contributions are tax deductible.

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Holiday Celebration Preparations Needs 2011      
How You HELP

Each year, the Central Avenue Center of Hope staff, Board Members, and Community Volunteers celebrate the joy of the Holiday Season with CACH clients and their families. A feast of ham, turkey and all the trimmings is prepared in the CACH kitchen and served at the noon meal on both Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.  We serve approximately 200 people on Thanksgiving and 350 on Christmas.

In order to do so -

We need: 6 Turkeys 15 lbs. or larger

6 - 8 Hams 10 lbs.

60 lbs. Potatoes

5 No. 10 cans of Green Beans

4 No. 10 cans of Sweet Potatoes

24 boxes of Stuffing Mix

8 cans Chicken Bouillon

10 lbs. stick margarine

1 gallon Milk


Christmas Baskets – Board member Pam Mathena and Site Director Marsha Nave have been working on what will be included in the baskets.  The Midlands Mission Center staff will help distribute the baskets on December 15, 2011.  There will be 50 baskets distributed

Christmas Gifts

Once again Board Member Brenda McLaughlin and her son Colin are heading projects to collect gifts of new toys, games, and books for children and gifts appropriate for teens. In the desire to ensure that every child has a nice gift, teens are sometimes overlooked .  Please think of teens also as you shop.

Adults are not forgotten in the holiday giving.  We are now collecting hoodies, stocking caps, socks, gloves, underwear (size medium), candy, snack food, pens, lighters, flashlights or other useful items to fill shoe boxes to be distributed to adults at the Christmas dinner.  For information or if you can donate gifts, please contact the Center at 913-233-2511

Free Christmas Store

In addition to new gifts given to children and teens from Central Avenue Center of Hope, the center is collecting gently used toys or items suitable for the Christmas Store.  Homeless or very low income parents may come two days before the holiday dinner  to pick out a toy or gift for their children at the Christmas Store.  This gives parents the opportunity to give a present to their children.

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Parking Lot Project      
How You HELP

Parking Lot Project

Central Avenue Center of Hope now has a pressing need to build a parking lot on land acquired from Land Bank in Fall 2010.  Previous to that time CACH was able to use adjoining land for temporary parking for volunteers, deliveries, and elderly or disabled clients who come to the center to pick up commodities or food from the food pantry.  New neighbors needed access to all their land and build a high retaining wall around the previous shared parking area.  At this time parking is very limited and clients who cannot walk down the steep alley from the street or walk downstairs from the front entrance can’t access the Center. 

In fall of 2010 CACH was able to purchase 2 vacant lots across the alley from Land Bank with the provisions that it be improved to a blacktopped parking lot within one year.  If improvements are not made the land will revert to Land Bank. Only one bid of $50,000 has been received at this time, but request for bids will be continued.  The survey will cost $1,450 even with the in-kind donation of labor in the amount of $550.00 by the surveyor.

Because of the generous grant of $20,000.00 from the J.B. and Anne Hodgdon Family Foundation, $21,816.00 has now been raised for the project.    Please contact Central Avenue Center of Hope for information or send donations to Pam Mathena, CACH Treasurer; Miclands Mission Center; 7615 N. Platte Purchase Drive, Ste 116; Kansas City, MO 64118

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Federal Campaigns      
How You HELP

2011 Heartland Combined Federal Campaign

If you are a Federal employee please consider designating Central Avenue Center of Hope, CFC Number 48774 for your pledge.

United Way
If you would like in the to pledge through United Way at your place of employment you may write in the name Central Avenue Center of Hope.   

News Flash

The Annual Paper Drive

August 1 to September 25 

An annual competition to see which Community of Christ congregation can donate the most.  

Items the Center is collecting: Dinner Plates, Dessert Plates, Bowls, Napkins, 6-oz cups, Plasticware (spoons, forks, knives), Paper Towels and Toilet Paper

Daily the Center uses 100-150 cups, 75-100 plates (plus dessert plates or bowls), and napkins.  Along with paper items to use during the serving of lunch the Center also needs toilet paper and paper towels.Donations received saves the Center $5,000 to $7,000 a year.  The money saved can then be used to help those clients served by the Center of Hope.

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