Meals:  14,680

Pantry: 240 households
School Supplies:  24
 Showers:  579
 Homeless Services:   639
 Commodities Households: 633
Volunteers & Community Service:  91
Volunteer hours:  7,591 hours 
Community Service Hours: 1257

Thanks to a generous grant from the J.B. and Anne Hodgdon Family FoundationCentral Avenue Center of Hope has been able to have new parking places built, a retaining wall to stabilize the building installed where the slope needed to be cut away for parking, sidewalk, stairs, and rail built for a safe second exit near the service area, and a chain link fence replaced.  The Center is more accessible and more attractive making us a better neighbor.
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News Flash

The Annual Paper Drive

August 1 to September 25 

An annual competition to see which Community of Christ congregation can donate the most.  

Items the Center is collecting: Dinner Plates, Dessert Plates, Bowls, Napkins, 6-oz cups, Plasticware (spoons, forks, knives), Paper Towels and Toilet Paper

Daily the Center uses 100-150 cups, 75-100 plates (plus dessert plates or bowls), and napkins.  Along with paper items to use during the serving of lunch the Center also needs toilet paper and paper towels.Donations received saves the Center $5,000 to $7,000 a year.  The money saved can then be used to help those clients served by the Center of Hope.

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