Pantry: 446 households
School Supplies:  73
Showers:  640
Homeless Services:   289
Commodities Households: 633
Volunteers & Community Service:  91
Volunteer hours:  10,088 hours 
Community Service Hours: 1606.5
CABA Youth: 3  
CABA Youth Hours: 89 hours
Other youth volunteers:  55 
Other Youth Hours: 137.56
Donors of funds or items:  125

11 N. 15th St, Kansas City, KS  66102



The Central Avenue Center of Hope is a local agency housed in a converted gymnasium, near downtown Kansas City, Kansas in Wyandotte County, staffed by one full-time employee and many volunteers.   The community served consists of many homeless, unemployed or under-employed, low- income individuals and families. 

Many of our clients face the difficulties of medical conditions, emotional problems, or broken or harmful family relationships. Some are veterans who have not transitioned into mainstream society. Others have become victim to economic or health reversals. Yet others have lost homes and means of support due to substance abuse and/or the stigma of prison records.

School-age children lack appropriate clothing and school supplies in order to go to school.  The needs of the people of this community are seasonal for some and on a daily basis for others.

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The Annual Paper Drive

August 1 to September 25 

An annual competition to see which Community of Christ congregation can donate the most.  

Items the Center is collecting: Dinner Plates, Dessert Plates, Bowls, Napkins, 6-oz cups, Plasticware (spoons, forks, knives), Paper Towels and Toilet Paper

Daily the Center uses 100-150 cups, 75-100 plates (plus dessert plates or bowls), and napkins.  Along with paper items to use during the serving of lunch the Center also needs toilet paper and paper towels.Donations received saves the Center $5,000 to $7,000 a year.  The money saved can then be used to help those clients served by the Center of Hope.

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